January 23, 2009

Supply Meeting Demand for Investigation

Ghana is a developing nation in West Africa, where foreign investment is rapidly on the rise. In addition to increased commercial activity, more and more Ghana residents are finding their way online, and tourism activity from foreign visitors continues to increase. The result is there are more international relationships developing with citizens of Ghana. Due to the high level of fraud in that country, there is a strong demand for Ghana background checks. This article discusses some of the services available, and how to choose a reliable company.

Whether you have met someone via the Internet from Ghana, or whether you are involved in foreign investment in Ghana, it would be wise to have this person or company verified. The amount of scams in Ghana is staggering. To be sure the person is who he or she claims to be, a background check by a professional investigation firm can serve as valuable insurance.

The Warning Signs, and the Advance Fee

Be wary of Ghana business deals or romantic relationships, especially those begun over the Internet, that request financial assistance as some form of advance payment. A request for money from someone in Ghana as an advance payment or as payment for some form of emergency is a red flag, and should be verified. There are many good people in Ghana and many competitive business ventures. A background check should be used in any case, however, due to the risk of fraud.

Private Investigator Supply Meets Demand

As the demand for private investigation and background checks has increased, so too has the supply of competent investigators operating in Ghana. Wymoo International now has field investigators in Accra and is probably the most reliable and professional firm offering Africa background checks and investigation in West Africa. Extra caution should be used if choosing a local company in Ghana, since many local firms lack the proper training, tools and ethical business practices.

Beware of websites that offer "background checks" for a very low price, such as $39.95 or $99.95. Almost all of these sites are scams themselves. For a real background check investigation, with real research and evidence, expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $600. Often, you get what you pay for.

Lastly, be sure to search the Internet for any company that you are considering for a Ghana background check to find out what others are saying about the company. As the services available increase, consumers should stick to industry leaders.

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