September 30, 2009

Accra, Ghana Detectives Work Over-Time

Accra, Ghana detectives are busier than ever chasing criminals of fraud and scam. Like neighboring Nigeria, Ghana has experienced a sharp rise in internet fraud, relationship scams and business fraud cases. With the downturn in the global economy, many criminals have escalated their fraud and scam operations. The crime is now taking a major toll on Ghana's reputation.

Reputable Ghana private investigators are increasingly finding new ways to track down and prevent internet scams rings and business fraud operations. However, the scammers are also increasing their level of sophistication when targeting and convincing their victims. Indeed, Ghana-based fraud and scams can effect anyone, and reach all corners of the globe.

Police and government agencies in Ghana, despite a recognized effort to combat such crime, remain corrupt and inefficient. This is the nature of West Africa. Accra, Ghana clearly maintains a strong foundation of international business and foreign investment. And there is no shortage of honest and hard working people here. The risk for fraud, on the other hand, is very high and consumers are strongly urged to have a Ghana background check prior to engaging in any business or personal relationship which involves any party from Ghana or Nigeria.

Both businesses and individuals should be very skeptical of any advance fee, whether it be a business or personal loan, or an advance payment for a shipment of goods or service. Such a situation is very risky in West Africa and should be avoided whenever possible. Due to the developing legal system, financial losses from scams may be unrecoverable in Ghana.

Should the world avoid West Africa and Ghana completely? Obviously not. There are many opportunities for investment, as well as many genuine business and personal relationships here. Is the risk really that great? Yes. Get a background check or due diligence check by a professional U.S. firm such as Wymoo International to verify business and personal relationships.

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