April 22, 2010

Background Checks Follow Rise in Online Dating

Online dating websites and social networking sites are booming (Twitter, Match.com, Fackbook, eHarmony just to name a few) and this global trend has created an industry wide boom for international private investigators. With more people meeting on the Internet, the playing field has changed. The rules are different. It's easier than ever to find friends abroad, business contacts and even romance. With this new playing field comes new risks and consumers are now turning to international background check companies. Experts agree it's a good idea to verify online relationships. Not doing so can be a costly mistake.

Internet scammers and fraudsters are increasingly difficult to detect. Their methods are now more sophisticated, their new techniques more professional and complex. Unfortunately, as online scams and criminal fraud cases increase in complexity, it is becoming much more difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. International background checks are strongly advised for those who are considering a serious business or personal relationship with any person in another country or region, especially if the relationship was initiated via the Internet.

Investigators estimate that approximately 90% of the relationships begun online are open and honest relationships, with no sign of scam or fraud. Due to the millions of users connecting with others on the Internet, however, the remaining 10% is a significant number of consumers worldwide. Hence, it's wise to be cautious and get a dating background check prior to proceeding in any online romance. Private investigators too often see clients after the damage has been done, and victims have had their identity or hard earned money stolen. Play it safe and get the background check early to minimize the risks.

How can consumers stay safe? Investigators offer the following red flags and tips. Be skeptical of relationships that are too good to be true. Use extra caution if the subject is living or working abroad. Never send money to anyone overseas who is not known personally or been verified by a professional private investigator. Be skeptical of deals that require an advance payment. If the subject claims to have been an in accident or needs cash due to an emergency, don't panic and don't send money. Contact a professional investigation company for support.

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