April 29, 2010

Private Investigators Cite Rise in Philippines Cases

Background check and investigation companies in Manila report a rise in investigation and surveillance activity in response to an increase in internet dating, and online scams. Internet dating sites report a similar rise in activity, as people seem to be looking past the global economic crisis, and thinking more about personal relationships. More people online dating in the Philippines means more risk for scams. The risk should not be ignored.

One of largest Philippines private investigators in Manila reports that clients are increasingly more aware of the risk for scams and fraud. Clients are now considering background checks or pre-marital checks as a form of insurance. This is good news for many in the business since clients have historically hired private investigators after the damage has been done, and the scam or fraud is complete, or the money gone. Getting the background check or pre-marital investigation early means clients are informed and the risk for romance scams is minimized.

The Philippine background check services differ a great deal in prices and service leves. As a rule, consumers should be skeptical of "companies" or private investigators that are Philippine owned. If possible, consumers should consider a Canada or U.S. based private investigation company with operations in the Philippines, such as Philippine PI™, which is based in the United States but has professional field investigators in all of the Philippines. Choosing a Western company ensures a more professional investigation and higher level of customer service in most cases. While it could mean slightly higher prices, most clients quickly find they get what they pay for in the Philippines. After all, the risk for fraud also exists with private investigators.

Investigation and online dating industry observers emphasize that although there is a high risk for scams in the Philippines, and selecting a private detective can be difficult, there are many rewards for doing business in the Philippines, and many meaningful relationships have been formed with Filipinas online. Due to the high risk, investigators and dating websites agree it's a prudent decision to have relationships verified to be safe.

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