May 31, 2010

In a Recession, Philippine Scams Remain High

Philippine dating scams and fraud are booming, despite the global recession. Both private investigators and consumers report high numbers of fraud and scam cases in the Philippines compared to last year, and this doesn’t include the usual strong demand for infidelity and pre-marital cases. In short, private investigators in the Philippines are in high demand, as the risk for fraud and scams and infidelity is higher than ever. The Philippines, it seems, has a long road ahead of addressing this national problem of internet initiated crime, scams and infidelity (most scams and fraud relationships are initiated via the internet). In the meantime, some Philippines private investigators are hard at work.

Although most people in the Philippines are honest and decent people, few argue that the country is known for its exportation of women, internet scams and fraud, infidelity, and online dating scams. It is a sad truth that many women are online searching for a foreigner, anyone in fact who can send them money and/or take them out of the Philippines. In many cases, the husband or boyfriend of the Filipina is also aware of the scam, and may even control the entire criminal operation. All this again is to gain financially, and to use the emotions of the victims to accomplish the task. Investigators and dating websites agree, a Philippine background check is a prudent decision and highly recommended for relationships in the Philippines. Many women may even marry or carry on serious relationships with a foreigner while they are married in the Philippines, to gain financial support.

Private investigators emphasize that fraud and scams reach all levels of Philippine society, including business and insurance scams, to corporate fraud and various forms of advance fee fraud. However, online dating appears to be the highest risk area this year, with the majority of case loads by private investigators in Manila reporting infidelity or online dating scam related cases. Philippine PI™ maintains the largest team of professional investigators in the Philippines and is U.S. owned and managed. The firm has reported a "significant increase" in internet dating scams compared to last year, and offers a good checklist on its website for choosing a Philippine private detective.

If involved in a relationship with someone in the Philippines, private investigators offer the following red flags which should indicate additional caution is needed, and the services of a Philippines investigator may be required. Be skeptical of any of the following: overnight claims of love, emergencies or sudden illness, requests for financial assistance, model type photographs, problems with visa or passport, times or days when the subject is out of contact, etc. Be skeptical and trust your instincts.

Lastly, the Philippines is a great country with many potential opportunities - and great beaches and beautiful women. The risk here for fraud and scams, however, should not be ignored.

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S. Birch
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