January 18, 2011

Increased Fraud Levels Drive Demand for Investigators

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a city rapidly taking in the effects of globalization and is the center of investment for the country, and one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. Malaysia background checks, due diligence and private investigation businesses are up sharply compared to 2009 levels in response to a growing problem that is effecting not only Malaysia, but countries around the world. Malaysia private investigators are receiving more and more requests for background checks and due diligence, as romance scams, investment fraud and identity theft escalates.

Private investigators and background check companies as far away as Canada and the U.S. report that requests for Malaysia background checks and due diligence are up. The FBI and Interpol have also witnessed the rise in internet scams worldwide, and Malaysia is no exception. In fact, by many estimates, Malaysia is one of the fast growing countries in the world for internet fraud. Some criminal operations in Nigeria now have accounts in Malaysia and China, where funds are laundered by criminal associates in that country, or wired back to Nigeria.

Because of the increased risk, investigators and law enforcement caution internet users to be very skeptical of online dating romances from Malaysia, and investors seeking opportunity in Malaysia should never deal directly with an individual unless that person has been verified. Instead, investors should use a large and reputable bank or brokerage company for new investment information in the country. If there is a personal or business relationship that looks promising and real, experts say be skeptical and have the individual or business verified with a Malaysia background check. Be safe and always verify.

The reason behind the rising scam and fraud cases is open for debate. What is certain, is that individuals and businesses should exercise additional caution, and be aware of the risk.

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