June 21, 2011

The private investigation industry in Colombia is growing and in cities like Bogota, Cali, Barranquilla and Cartagena, the profession can be a lucrative career for entrepreneurs and those eager to learn the trade. Most private investigators based in Bogota or with field investigators in the country agree that there is persistent growth in the investigation business. Individuals from Colombia and abroad are increasingly requesting background checks, surveillance, pre-marital checks and other services.

Corporations are requesting due diligence services, pre-employment screening, and background checks on new contacts and potential business partners and prospective employees. Many clients want to know if a business or investment opportunity is real. Infidelity and romance scams, admit investigators, is also a thriving part of their business which may underline a darker trend in the Colombian society and economy. Law enforcement and investigators agree that scam and fraud activity is rising in tandem with new investigation requests. There’s no doubt that Colombia private investigators are being used to combat the escalating romance scam and internet fraud cases. Until the country addresses the problem, the trend should continue.

Colombia is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Due to very limited economic opportunities at home, more women are seeking a foreign husband, often from the U.S. or Canada or the U.K. Women are looking for better lives and opportunities, where they can escape the poverty and crime of Colombia. Many Westerners are meeting the beautiful Colombians on match-making websites and social networking websites, or even through local match making services in Colombia. With the increase in international relationships, there has been a sharp rise in infidelity, romance scams and internet fraud. In some cases, the woman has no intention to marry (she may even already be married), and her objective is to steal the victim’s money. In other cases, the objective might be pure financial gain or marriage for immigration purposes. Of course, there are many decent and honest women in Colombia truly interested in love, and sorting through the good and bad is the challenge that many face. And many are relying on private investigation firms to verify individuals in Colombia, for both personal and business reasons.

The growing trend in internet fraud and romance scams in Colombia is an alarming problem. The growth in the private investigation industry, is by most accounts, a positive contribution to society and enables Colombian citizens and foreigners alike to verify individuals and companies. In short, private investigators are keeping the fraud and scam levels in check to some extent, and Colombia background check and due diligence services offer a unique service to minimize the risk in Colombia relationships. Corporations and small businesses investing in Colombia now have a way to verify if their new business contact is who he or she claims to be. Online dating subscribers in the U.S. or U.K. now can verify if their partner truly is single, and a graduate from the university. Husbands and wifes and boyfriends can check to see if their partner is faithful and honest. All in all, these are net positives for Colombia, its people and economy. Time will tell if investigators and law enforcement can truly tackle the scams and fraud they are chasing.

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