June 21, 2011

International background checks and international verification services are quickly becoming big business. In the wake of globalization and the internet, business and relationships are now international, even in a global recession. To find opportunity, new suppliers, investment options, employees and business contacts, and even love, it seems more people are finding more to choose from in the international and global market. Even with the easy flow of capital and information across borders, there are still great opportunities to be found abroad. Corporations, small businesses and even individuals are seeking out new emerging markets for business opportunities. Online dating and social networking sites are connecting individuals around the world like never before. With this new electronic and global communication platform comes new risk. There are real people and real money at work, and relationships and money at stake. More than ever, it’s becoming essential to verify relationships and contacts with an international background check.

For companies operating in the U.S. or U.K., there may be some great deals to be had in Southeast Asia, Africa or even Eastern Europe or Latin America. Overcoming the language and cultural barriers is not always easy. And, once an attractive business proposal is on the table, how can you be sure your new contact is who he claims to be? How can you be certain that the offer or company truly exists, or is the entity that it claims to be? Are the revenue numbers and customer base numbers accurate? Has the company or business contact been involved in any history of fraud or criminal activity? It might be easy to check these things in a domestic market, but when dealing with a new supplier or business associate in Dubai or Hong Kong or Sao Paulo, things can get tricky. There are a lot of unknowns.

International private investigators and law enforcement agencies like the FBI and Interpol agree, be prudent and do your homework. Conducting due diligence or an international background check is essential to avoid the risk of fraud and scams. Ignoring the risk and entering into a business relationship without verifying the facts can be a costly mistake. Individuals around the world also have a mutual need for verifying relationships. Personal relationships can be impacted both from a financial and emotional standpoint. Victims of scams often report significant financial losses from identity theft, romance scam, advance fee fraud and investment scams. What can be even worse, for many victims, is the devastating emotional impact. In short, scams targeting individuals often leave victims in financial and emotional ruin, with a broken bank account and heart. It can be difficult to come to trust someone you’ve never met, but professional scammers employ some proven techniques that seem to snag even the most skeptical. It’s best to be safe and verify.

One of the most recognized in the industry for professional services is the Florida-based investigation firm Wymoo® International. The company specializes in international private investigation and has achieved remarkable growth during the past few years, a testament of the demand for international verification. “We expect the demand for international background checks to continue to rise, because international relationships are rising,” said John Wallace, Director of Global Background Checks. “There has also been a steady increase in the level of fraud and scam activity worldwide, especially via the internet.”

International background checks conducted by professional investigation firms can be invaluable tools in screening for fraud, verifying facts, and identifying risks. A professional firm with offices or field investigators on the ground in the country where you need them is key. It’s a wise decision to stop and determine if an individual is who he or she claims to be. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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