June 3, 2011

The global economy is in bad shape, and conditions are even worse in developing countries like the Philippines, where many people are forced to move to other countries to seek out opportunity and better lives. Immigrants pay smugglers big sums of money to be taken to nations they cannot enter legally: U.K., U.S. and Australia are their main target. For those seeking employment, even when qualified, opportunities are hard to come by. Both employers and job seekers in the Philippines are frustrated with the high level of employment scams impacting Manila and other large cities. Because of the increased risk, job seekers and corporate employers are both recommending Philippines background checks for verifying a potential job offer or potential perfect candidate.
Multi-national companies are finding it more and more difficult to find the right candidate. Human resource representatives in Manila say the problem isn’t qualified candidates. There are no shortage of qualified people seeking employment. The problem is screening through the large amount of applications, and mixed in with them, is a large of amount of false candidates or resumes with inaccurate, exaggerated, or plain fictitious work and education history. More than ever, companies should consider hiring a Philippines private investigator to verify Filipino candidates.

Some false companies in the Philippines offer employment abroad to young women to move to Australia, Singapore or Japan, in temporary jobs related to tourism or telemarketing. But, the true scenario is that they are taken to foreign countries to become prostitutes. Most of them won’t see their home country or family ever again. Relatives report their disappearance, but migration authorities and the police are overworked and short on resources. Scams don’t just focus on low end employment, and doctors and lawyers and even top executives report being victims of employment scams in the Philippines. Job offers can entice candidates, and the headhunter can speak the lingo and present a very authentic looking employment package with a great salary and benefits. Such attractive offers in the Philippines should be verified by a competent Philippines private detective firm or agency.

Philippines private investigators are aware of the high levels of corruption in the country. Law enforcement agencies such as the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and PNP (Philippines National Police) both report high levels of employment scams and fake job postings. Companies like Monster have dedicated staff working to remove such postings, but stopping the criminals completely seems impossible, as it is difficult to screen every single job posting. The bottom line is to be skeptical with every job candidate and every job posting. Employers and job seekers should both ask a lot of questions, and consider a confidential pre-employment screening prior to moving forward.

Working in a different country is an enlightening experience when you find the right opportunity, and of course, not all offers are scams. Some companies in Manila are recovering and beginning to offer lucrative positions with real career potential. Just keep in mind that some companies might be a scam even though they appear to be legitimate opportunities in the Philippines or Southeast Asia. Whether it is an offer on the television, newspaper or online, it is better to contact a reputable private investigation agency, conduct a background check or due diligence in the Philippines to minimize your risk.

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