July 22, 2011

The internet has changed everything, and relationships are no exception.  “Friends” are now something you have by the hundreds, and you “meet” online when you receive an invitation, to click yes or no.  This is what it’s come down to.  Online dating, social networking, chat rooms, and so on.  Internet dating, foreign brides, online job opportunities, and more.  Whatever you need, you can find it online.  Many people don’t even leave the house any more.  Why go out and meet someone at a café or bar or bookstore, when you can join a chat room or talk on Facebook.

Times have changed and everyone now has their Blackberries, their laptops and their mobile devices. Most wives do not stay at home, as most of them have pursued a college degree and yes, they might be competitive successful business women too. And children, well,  children may or may not be in the picture. If they are, they are well taken care of by their TV or laptop or Facebook messages.  The entire family structure and lifestyle has changed, and many relationships are now formed, maintained and terminated online.  This new platform has changed the way Philippines private investigators conduct infidelity investigations, and uncover evidence.

Couples in trouble, or for those looking for a new lover, or something on the side, often start their discreet search online.  And this is where it all starts.  This can leave a good electronic trail for investigators and spouses to follow, and eventually lead them to the real, offline story and guilt of their spouse or partner.  What may start as innocent flirting online, can end in a hotel room or a parked car, and finally, a nasty divorce or ruined relationships.  The game has changed.

Philippines detectives explain that many of the infidelity cases they work these days involve foreign relationships, with Western men connecting with Filipina women.  There is a large percentage of local relationships, however, that involve infidelity, cheating and other unethical behavior of spouses.  Experts say if the spouse is outside the country, or if the boyfriend is living in Australia, U.S., U.K. or Canada, and the Filipina is alone in the Philippines, and only receiving financial support from her Western lover, the chances for infidelity is very high.  In some cases, the Filipina may even be married.  To rule out the risk for fraud, scams and infidelity, a comprehensive Philippines background checks combined with discreet surveillance is advised.

Sites like Match.com, Friendster, Facebook, eHaromy, FilipinaHearts and many more offer unfaithful partners and lovers all the opportunity they need to start the search for someone new.  In some cases, a Filipina may seek out a relationship with a foreigner not out of love or interest, but for pure financial gain.  Life in the Philippines can be difficult, and sometimes Filipina women with limited options have to make some difficult decisions.  This fuels the problem.

Investigators in Manila, Davao, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro see a good amount of infidelity.  The internet has made infidelity easier and more tempting.  Tracking down evidence of infidelity, at least the initial probing, is often begun on the internet as well.  The internet has become a valuable tool in investigations and a risk for relationships when it comes to infidelity.  Even employers and law enforcement now check Facebook and Twitter to gather a perp’s social profile online.  It can never replace professional investigation and highly trained investigators, but it does serve as another tool in the investigators versatile toolbox.  If in doubt, experts say contact a reputable Philippines private detective for discreet surveillance and investigation.

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