September 19, 2011

Online dating represents potential risks for both, men and women, but for some reason, the tendency for women to stay more vulnerable even online remains.

In online dating men are contacted basically for monetary gain and eventually marriage scams. It seems the ever rational mind of men keep them safer in the virtual world. When the sentimental mind of women make them more vulnerable, not only to be scammed for their money, but to put themselves in real danger of kidnapping and in worse cases; violent sexual assaults and even death.

Philippines private detectives do a great effort to keep people safe online, and encourage victims to raise their voices and report felonies to the local authorities and the FBI. Their voices can prevent other suspected victims to become part of the statistics.

Dating sites like have got hundreds of complains from female members who have been sexually abused by ex convicts looking to do wrong and get away with it, since virtual sites do not really keep track of their members, and local police departments can’t do much, as most of these sites are stuffed with bogus identities impossible to be prosecuted. Women specially are making noise and are seriously requesting dating websites to conduct strict background checks on their members, claiming, that they have paid in order to be safer. In the end, they find out it is nothing but a business and their voices are being hardly heard.

This year, CNN followed a lawsuit made by one of members who was sexually assaulted, and had this virtual company’s president, Mandy Ginsberg, claiming that the company she runs conducts efficient dating background checks. The fact is that, if it was true, websites like or cupid won’t have thousands of fake, stolen identity profiles, nor ex convicts to hunt for victims, and no updated profiles that wander like abandon spirits in the net world.

Background checks conducted by dating websites are unreliable, simply because even millionaire sites, they can’t find efficient ways to background check millions of members per day nor even locate professional private investigators on each corner of the world where it’s needed.

Online dating is worth trying by taking precautions. If you are involved in a relationship that seems to be going the right way or you feel like something is not right, contact a reputable private investigation firm in the Philippines and clear all doubts, be also aware that in countries like the Philippines there are many so called detectives that won’t do a thing and will take your money. Be safe here too and hire a professional firm that has local offices, Philippines private investigators, and is supported by a reputable worldwide company.

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S. Birch

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