March 21, 2012

With the worsening European economy, romance scams from the Baltic region are having a sound come back.  In fact, they are now one of the most common types of fraud over the internet.  Private investigators and law enforcement officials in Russia and the Ukraine are overwhelmed with requests to investigate cyber crime pertaining to online dating and match-making.

It is hope and loneliness that often brings people to look for love over the internet; these two feelings are the doors to danger. Russia private investigators says it’s no wonder why victims are increasing even as awareness has improved.  Simply put, internet criminals know what their victims are looking for.  They create the perfect profile, and say just the right things.  They slowly build your trust and give you no reason to expect anything suspicious.  Finally, after months of earning your trust and confidence, and winning your heart, is when the criminals go for the kill, so to speak.

Internet scammers in Russia may make direct requests for money, or simply go after your information – later to be used for identity theft or extortion.  Investigators warn NEVER to provide a nude photo of yourself to anyone via the internet.  And NEVER provide detailed financial information, no matter what the reason for the request.  Remember that personal data and financial data can be used against you to steal your identity and ultimately your money.  Guard it.

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, many beautiful women are online looking for love.  Many of them are honest.  Mixed in with those women and profiles, however, are seasoned criminals (often men) who are actively targeting you.  They want your money or personal data, and they will do whatever it takes to get it, including emailing you a virus that is embedded in an image or link.  You may provide the criminal access to your computer and passwords without even knowing it.

Russia romance scams are growing in complexity, and anyone can be a victim.  Investigators and law enforcement in the region say proceed with caution, and be skeptical of situations that seem too good to be true.  If there appears to be potential in a relationship, be safe and first have the person verified with a reputable private investigation company like Russia PI™, which is U.S. owned and managed, and verified by the Better Business Bureau.  Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best, because often it can end in disaster and lots of heartache, and financial loss.

If in real life, love doesn’t fall from trees, what makes people believe it will in virtual life?  If something doesn’t feel right, ask questions and listen to your instinct.  If someone seems honest, have a professional investigator verify her story, and check her character with neighbors and co-workers to see what her real intentions are.  Don’t be a victim of marriage fraud where a woman gets married just to get her papers.  There are many too many victims, and the risk is high. 

The best advice you will always get about romance and business relationships over the internet is: verify them all. Russia background checks are your safest best in the region.

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S. Birch
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