May 16, 2012


As America struggles to overcome the 2008 crisis, Europe seems to be getting hit by the end of it. Recently, the news media started to warn the markets about the possible bankruptcy of Greece. Berlusconi was being thrown out and pointed as one of the most corrupt governors in Europe’s recent history whose decisions have driven Italy to serious economic and labor complications, say critics. In the second quarter of 2012, Spain’s future is also uncertain, and both Italy and Spain have been downgraded by credit rating agencies.  Finding reliable business partners in this environment has not been easy, and due diligence has become more important than ever.

Since January, markets around the world have been on a financial roller coaster, oil prices have climbed and fell, and the Euro zone has gotten better and gotten worse.   The world is facing about 24 national elections this year.  Nothing is certain.  A socialist has just taken control of France, who publicly admitted his hatred for the financial markets and banks and the wealthy, although he himself is wealthy.  Is it the global turmoil the Mayans predicted long ago? Who knows, but certainly things do not seem to be getting better for a while, at least not in Europe.  Investors around the world are finding it more difficult than ever to screen potential investments, when so many geopolitical uncertainties are in the air.  More are relaying on professional private investigation firms and Europe due diligence services to screen foreign businesses and managers.

Many companies and investors in the developed world are seeking opportunity in India, China, Brazil and Russia, now known as the BRIC, who would have thought?  What do these BRIC nations have in common besides a political partnership?  They are all high risk for fraud.

The U.S. is recovering from the big crisis of 2008 is quite interested in the BRIC, but mostly in Brazil, India and China and top corporations in America have started to do their search to discover which companies in those countries are ready to jump on a business journey with them. I is the right time for economies to come together and be stronger, so says Dilma Rousseff, current President of Brazil, who knows it better than any other President in Latin America. How can you minimize the risk?  And outside the BRIC, in countries like India, how can you be sure an investment is what is appears to be?  How can you take advantage of the opportunities but avoid the fraud?

Private investigators around the world advise corporations to conduct international due diligence to verify known facts, verify financial status, reputation, offices and facilities, legal filings and more.  Simply put, most companies and individuals have no way of doing this, and only a trained investigator on the ground in the local market can get the evidence clients need.

In Brazil alone corruption is well established in government and private industry.  It is an obstacle for those who want to enter the Brazilian business markets. Due diligence can provide investors with valuable information and evidence to make an informed and investment.

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