June 1, 2012

Economics have change in ways we never suspected they could since 1929, and the so called developing countries are really having a hard time these days. Families in the modern economies are struggling like those in the developed world.  The world, it seems, has been turned upside down.  In the Philippines, life has always been difficult it seems, at least since Magellan discovered this island nation and forever changed the way the natives have lived and fished on the islands.  These days, many Filipinas look abroad for romance to find a way out, or to improve their lives. With all the fraud, scams and infidelity, Philippines detectives are busy with surveillance.

Every month,  Philippines investigators get many requests from foreigners who want know more about their girlfriends or wives who stay in the Philippines, while the men are working abroad in their home countries.  Men in Canada, the U.S. and Australia often want to know if their local Filipina girlfriends and wives behave and are not linked to unethical behavior or infidelity while the men are on the other side of the world.  Often, romance scams can be about the money, so lovers abroad need to know their girl is the real thing, and they too are not a victim of romance scam.

Unfortunately, given the high poverty and desperate situation in the Philippines, many women turn to drugs, prostitution or internet scams.  It’s no secret that romance scams online, using the local internet café, can lead to a penpal sending you money.  Many locals, perhaps as many as half in any given internet café, are busy chatting with foreigners, and nearly all of those foreigners in turn send money to support their Filipinas girls.  Such relationships should be verified!

Some of the surveillance cases conducted can show alarming evidence and clear proof of fraud, scam, false identity, infidelity, or even the girl having a family aware of the scam.  In other cases, no evidence of any unethical activity will be found, and the client can be assured that his girl is the right one, an honest girl, and sleep better at night after hiring a professional to minimize the risk.  Experts say surveillance is best in the beginning of the relationships once there is money involved, or later in the relationship as soon as you have your doubts that something is not right overseas.

Surveillance can be a risky business, and it’s essential to hire a professional to ensure the service is discreet and confidential, and that the subject not be made aware of any investigation.  Untrained investigators may be cheap, but using such services can often lead to romance disaster.

Philippine PI detectives encourage foreign men to proceed with surveillance whenever they suspect they are being fooled or cheated, or when their gut instinct tells them something is not right.  Also, prior to marriage, it is critical that a comprehensive background check and local investigation be carried out, along with discreet surveillance, to minimize the risk down the road.

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S. Birch
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