February 21, 2013

Last year a total of $1.3 billion U.S. dollars were lost from diverse schemes over the internet from Malaysia, according to estimates compiled from different law enforcement and government agencies.  These statistics certainly put Malaysia on the fraud map, and it is another sign that Malaysia scams now threaten internet users in more ways than one. Malaysia private investigators warn the trend is likely to continue, as criminals and scams are growing in numbers.

Malaysia scams and fraud operations range from online dating and social networking schemes to fake companies, false IPOs and fraudulent companies and stocks.  Investment scams appear to be the most profitable in Malaysia and are a booming business.  Many criminals operating in the country have ties to China, and often have accomplices in one or multiple countries.

Skeptical and cautious internet users ignore the risk and say it could never happen to them.  Don’t be so sure, say privacy experts and international investigators. According to the SEC and the Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (FCCID) in Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur police received over 97,000 claims of fraud during 2012, and figures are still going up!

According to investigators, it can be very difficult for those based outside of Malaysia to verify individuals and organizations.  It’s essential to have a skilled team on the ground.   When you’re on the other side of the world and speak a different language, it can be nearly impossible to verify if a person is who he or she claims to be, or if a business is truly reputable, and not just registered on paper.  Trained investigators can help verify employment, education, address, passport, reputation and more, and also check for criminal and court records.  In short, a proper background check is an excellent tool when applied early, rather than when it is too late and the damage is done.

International detectives recommend being very cautious and never to reveal your private data on the internet to anyone you haven’t met in person.  To minimize your risk, consider a reputable private investigation to conduct a dating background check, due diligence investigation, or other verification service to be sure the person or company you’re dealing with is legitimate.

In Malaysia, investment schemes top the list of nine categories, according to an officer at the FCCID.  In 2012, investment scams alone brought losses of over $30 million USD, and scams most often target developed nations such as the U.S., U.K. and Canada and Australia.  Don’t become another statistic.  Be safe and verify today with a professional background check.

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  1. I have had an email from a guy claiming to be a soliciter in Koala Lumpur ,saying that I have got $5,000,000 , coming to me they asked me to pay £700 sterling to them for the transfer, now they are saying I need to send another £2000,whith I do not have .I am trying to stop this &get my money back but they wont listen to me ,what else can I do I tried to find the guy on Google but I couldn't. Is this A scam ?the mans name is Mr Jorgan Flood.please advise me what to do?.