March 20, 2013

Dubai is the synonymous with wealth and the contemporary Middle East, where Saudi millionaires and international investors are seen living the high life.  Fast cars and big money are common, and a low tax environment continues to attract the wealthy to this desert paradise.  Development and politicians and investors are all working together to make Dubai the biggest and the brightest.  But, there is a dark side to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates that many aren’t aware of.  Scams and fraud coming from this region are also growing, and targeting not only businessmen and investors interested to get a slice of this profitable pie, but also men and women looking for love.

Dubai private investigators warm internet dating site users to be aware of the rising threat in this region.  For women and men, it is an equal opportunity crime, and online dating and social network subscribers should be very skeptical of anyone claiming to be working or living in the UAE. Sure, there are many wealthy expats living in Dubai, but the growing risk for business fraud and romance scams means relationships and new contacts should be verified.  Ignoring the risk can be a costly learning mistake, so investigators urge caution and background checks.  Doing your due diligence in Dubai can save you thousands of dollars, and prevent some serious headaches.

Paraphrasing Tom Hanks’ unforgettable character Forest Gump’s historical phrase, scams “are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get”.  It is true, not all stories have a bitter and sad ending, and we all know many business people, individuals and companies have found success with new relationships in Dubai.  But, unfortunately it is less than the 5% of the cyberspace population’s fate. Each day, more and more people are under the radar of professional criminals that sooner or later will take their personal data or money, and the UAE is no exception.

Legal and illegal immigrants in the UAE are often apprehended by Dubai police in running scams and internet fraud.  Many of the criminals are not the wealthy Saudis, successful business people from the UK and US, but rather from developing countries like the Philippines, India and other poor countries in the Middle East.  They come to Dubai with hopes and dreams, and resort to internet crime and scams, trying to defraud the wealthy into giving to the poor any way they can.

To avoid this mess and lower your risk, investigators say that when in an online dating relationship the only way for certain too know you are safe is to contact a reputable private investigation firm for a confidential dating background check. For businesses, extra caution is also advised, and never send payment to any business person or company without doing your homework.  Also, never provide detailed information, such as bank accounts, without international due diligence
For those will to take on the risk, there are opportunities to be had in the United Arab Emirates. Just like jewelers look for the perfect diamond, hidden among the sand and dirt.

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