August 6, 2013

Men and women of uniform, traditionally, have been those we can trust.  Those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom.  There are many military men and women who use online dating sites and social networks such as, or Facebook to find love and new friends.  Many women subscribers are often approached by men claiming to be in the U.S. or U.K. military.  They often claimed to be stationed in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, or even in Africa. Profiles show names, military ranks and photos stolen from real soldiers, some of them while still on duty, some of them who even died in service. Because internet criminals have had much success in the scam, the number of these cases are on the rise, and the risk is growing.

Dating background checks  have been a great solution for those who wish to verify their online contacts from online dating and social networking.  Scammers take advantage of the good will and naive nature of their victims. Many of these techniques would fail if internet users understood the risk and knew the warning signs.  Unfortunately, some scammers are so good that it can be nearly impossible to determine who is real and who is not.  In a growing number of cases, there is simply no way to know the truth without hiring a reputable private investigation company.

Military scams can be especially difficult for victims to detect and accept.  Many victims want to help the soldier and support their country, and in doing so end up losing thousands of dollars, or have their identity stolen.  Learning about military ranks and what different soldiers do can help educate those not from the military, and also is a great help in avoiding fake soldiers.

Hiring an international investigator can be a great option for those who have met someone they want to know better, or who think they may have met someone special, but that person happens to be a soldier who was met online.  Fraud experts and law enforcement agree that it's important to verify early in the relationship to avoid the dangers and damage from internet fraud.

There’s a special kind of magic to see those uniformed men, giving their lives to protect us.  Investigators say to remain skeptical online and remember any profile and photo can very easily be false, and in fact nearly half of all online profiles on the internet today are false!

Be safe online and watch out for the warning signs.  If you meet Mr. Perfect on the web, and you're thinking of starting a relationship with this person.  Be safe.  Get a background check.

S. Birch
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