February 18, 2008

Overview of Philippine Investigation Services

For anyone with experience with Philippine relationships, the idea of relationship fraud, scams or cheating is probably nothing new. That's not to say that all Philippine relationships are doomed. Rather, with the number of relationships being initiated over the internet, coupled with the widely booming industry of dating scams in the Philippines, one cannot be too careful.

So who does one call if he or she needs competent surveillance in the Philippines? What services are available to confirm your suspicions regarding your distant wife, girlfriend, husband or lover? How can one obtain the evidence necessary to move forward, or move out of the relationship? There are several major competitors in the Philippines who offer confidential surveillance, but the quality of services offered varies significantly.

Of the investigative firms offering surveillance, we recommend going with a European or American owned company. The difference is in the quality of investigation, accountability, reporting and general customer service. The best of the foreign owned firms operating in the Philippines is probably Philippine PI, a subsidiary of Wymoo International. Philippine PI is U.S. owned and operated. The firm is known for its good coverage on the islands, discreet service and competitive pricing. Competition is fierce in the Philippines, but as of 2006 and 2007, the group led the Philippine private investigators in client satisfaction.

Surveillance services often include daily reports, photographic evidence and investigation notes. The service can be expensive, but the information uncovered is often the piece of mind to move forward or pull out of a relationship. A typical surveillance case may be between 3 and 5 days, although each case is unique and requires special attention by your investigator.

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