February 14, 2008

Investigations and Philippine Relationships

The Philippines is a beautiful country with no shortage of good, honest people. Beyond the beautiful beaches and resort hotels, however, there is widespread poverty and corruption. The Philippines is a place increasingly fraudulent when it comes to relationships, and relationship scammers have now created a million dollar industry, targeting Western victims.

Internet dating websites have brought together many Western men and Filipinas. Many Philippine relationships begun over the Internet have even blossomed into successful marriages. Due to the high occurance of relationship fraud and dating scams, verifying your potential spouse is more important than ever. In short, a Philippine background check is prudent.

Suveillance services and background checks available in the Philippines can be fraudulent themselves. When choosing a background check or investigative firm, we highly recommend choosing a foreign company with a Philippine presence, such as Wymoo International or Philippine PI. Foriegn firms such as these can provide you with American or European style management and customer service, quality that simply hasn't arrived yet in the local Philippine market. The costs and turnaround times are often competitive or even better.

Getting a background check prior to engaging in a serious relationship in the Philippines is essential. Many Filipinas marry strictly for immigration purposes, while others have no intention to marry. They seek to slowly drain their mate financially. An average background check service in the Philippines can run between $400 and $600 USD. Simply hoping for the best can be far more costly, not to mention all the heartache...

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