March 18, 2009

Survey names Philippine PI as most reliable service

Philippine PI™, LLC is wholly owned by Wymoo® International and is based in Florida, United States. Philippine PI is currently one of the largest, if not the largest, private investigation firm operating in the Philippines. The firm began operations in 2006, and according to the recent release of February consumer polls, Philippine PI is ranked the most reliable private detective in the Philippines today. Over 100 businesses and individuals were polled as part of the industry survey, and the ranking comes at a time when investigator competition is at record levels.

Foriegn corporations, medium to large size businesses and individual consumers who had responded to have used a private investigator in the past two years participated anonymously in the February 2009 poll. The survey was conducted by an independent researcher via email and telephone. The results placed Philippine PI as #1 for "the most reliable" investigator and #2 "best known brand name". Since fraud is so common in the Philippines, and trust being a major issue when hiring a PI in the Philippines, the ranking is a major achievement.

Philippine PI™ has rapidly expanded its market share in Asia investigation services, with its primary focus in the Philippines. Local competitors have struggled to match Philippine PI's growth rate, since many foreign clients maintain a strong preference to contract a U.S. company over a Philippine based group.

Industry experts note that Philippine PI field investigators are often trained in the United States, or are hired from federal law enforcement agencies such as the NBI in Manila. Reporting is professional and timely, and the quality of field investigators may be hard for local firms to match. Many local investigators lack professional training, and this seems to be a market condition where Philippine PI™ holds strategic advantage.

About the Company:

Philippine PI is a subsidiary of Wymoo® International and is based in Florida, United States with operations throughout the Philippines. Philippines private investigators are in Manila, Cebu, Quezon City and Cagayan de Oro. The Company is privately held and is estimated to have 15 to 20 field investigators and support staff throughout the Philippines. Clients are mostly foriegn from the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada, who find the Company website. Services include background checks, discreet surveillance, missing person searches, and due diligence. The average case turnaround is 7 days.

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