June 25, 2009

Verification Options Available for Consumers

International background checks remain an emerging market, despite a large number of companies and websites that claim to offer such a service. As the global economy continues on the path of globalization and electronically connected markets, more providers are rapidly trying to fill the need for verifying individuals and organizations in foreign countries.

Whether your needs are pre-employment screening, missing person, corporate investigations, civil records, background checks, infidelity, surviellance or insurance fraud, international investigators are still limited. Kroll offers international services in their automated and database methodology, whereas Wymoo® leads the industry with its network of global field investigators. The latter approach seems to be the most effective.

Local field investigators means having a professional on the ground, in the country or region of origin. The local investigator knows the local language, has local contacts, and knows how to access information in that country. Database searches ran from abroad simply aren't effective, and relying on this type of approach for a background check is reckless.

As more investigation firms begin to offer their services internationally, be sure to ask if the investigation will involve a local field investigator. Operating from the other side of an ocean or border will likely lack the due diligence of a professional background check. Most investigation companies offer a free investigation quote, outlining the service they can provide.

Be weary of websites that offer "background checks" for $39.99, etc. Expect to pay at least $300 USD for any professional background check, and more for international background checks or surveillance. Most clients get what they pay for.

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