July 8, 2009

Scams Drive Demand for Background Checks

So many websites now offer online dating or match-making services that it's hard to estimate the actual size of this new and global industry. Match.com still leads the industry, but new smaller sites now offer almost any niche imaginable, such as Jewish dating, senior dating, divorced dating, and many, many more. With this rise in online dating, there has been a equal rise in the demand in international background checks.

While there are some efforts to curb scammers and fraud operations, no website is immune from scammers. Match-making websites simply aren't equipped to properly screen all customers. Many sites now do offer scam prevention information on their websites, and also recommend background checks to their customers who are considering a more serious relationship.

The high risk areas for online scams and dating fraud remain Russia, the Ukraine, Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia and the Philippines. However, most professional investigators agree that no country is immune. There is simply no way to be 100% sure if Mr. or Ms. Perfect is truly who he or she claims to be without the verification process of a professional background check.

Internet dating scams are increasingly common in developed nations like the U.S. and the U.K. and while most people on the internet are honest people, the risk of fraud remains high. Be skeptical of any financial requests from a potential mate, no matter what the reason. If all seems good, and the relationship seems to have potential to move forward, a dating background check is highly recommended, and a wise insurance policy.

The potential reward of finding a meaningful relationship and potential partner still outweighs the risk of dating online. Knowing the risk and being informed only increases the odds!

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