August 20, 2009

Dating Scams and Infidelity Abound

Philippines dating scams and infidelity cases are at their highest levels in history. In a country world-renowned for its scams, infidelity and exportation of brides, it's hard to believe the situation could get any worse - but, it has. Philippines private detectives are busier than ever with clients from Canada, the U.S., U.K. and Australia all seeking investigation services.

According to the major Embassies in Manila, most foreign citizens file complaints on scams which originate via the internet. Foreign men seeking Philippine brides are facing difficult odds sorting through the scammers in hopes of finding an honest woman. Never before have Embassies and law enforcement received so many complaints regarding romance scams and fraud.

To avoid being a victim, many foriegners are hiring manila or cebu based private investigators. However, many of the local so-called investigators are even scams. Those who do work the case are often unqualified or unreliable. Because of the high rate of scams and fraud, from both relationships and investigators, consumers are advised to seek a professional investigation firm based outside of the Philippines, but one that has expert field investigators in the Philippines. Among the most reputable and experienced remains the U.S. based Philippine PI™, which has a large team of field investigators in the Philippines.

Business and personal relationships in the Philippines should be verified. The alternative can be a costly mistake. Industry experts say a Philippines background check is much like a prudent insurance policy. Philippine scammers remain some of the best and most convincing in the criminal business. Learning the truth early can save clients time, money and heartache.

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