February 10, 2010

Philippines Private Investigators Fight Scams

Like never before, Manila private investigators are battling the surge in scams and fraud in the Philippines, and many of these scams and fraud cases are romance or Filipina related. Despite the fact that most Filipinas are honest and decent women, the online scammers seem to be gaining ground, keeping Manila private investigators busy, and giving the Philippines a bad name.

Private investigation companies in Manila and Cebu report they have seen a sharp rise in the number of background check, internet scam, and dating background check cases during the past year. Infidelity cases are actually down, according to one Philippines private investigator in Makati. Scams and advance fee fraud, including corporate fraud, are all up from last year.

Corporate clients are urged to contract the services of a professional investigation company to conduct the necessary due diligence or background check prior to engaging in a business relationship or deal in the Philippines. Without this form of insurance, the alternative can be costly. Consumers seeking relationships via the internet are advised never to send money to any individual in the Philippines, unless that person is known personally, or has been verified by a professional.

Philippine dating scams are primarily effecting individuals in Canada, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Private investigators offer the following advice. 1) If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 2) Make it clear from the beginning that you won't be sending money. 3) Never send money unless the person is known well, or verified via a professional background check. 4) If the relationship is getting serious, contact a reputable private investigation company for advice and peace of mind.

Because the sophistication of scams and fraud continues to increase, knowing the truth is increasingly difficult. A professional and discreet investigation can help clients sleep easy.

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