February 9, 2010

Demand for Background Checks Remains Strong

Despite the global economic crisis, one industry is performing quite well in both developed and developing nations. Private investigator and international background check firms have reported sharp increases in demand and profits during the past year, driven largely by the increased amount of online criminal activity, reported romance scams and business fraud.

Global hiring has yet to show signs of rebounding in most nations, so international background check firms and private investigation companies have not been able to rely on pre-employment screenings for revenue streams. Perhaps unexpectedly, the global recession created a large increase in the global activity for fraud and scams, which in turn has fueled the demand for international private investigators who investigate these cases.

Criminal operations in West Africa, for example, have increased the demand for Nigeria background checks and Nigeria private investigation services to screen for advance fee fraud, online dating scams, and to conduct due diligence for the oil & gas industry. Industry experts also cite similar increases in fraud and scam activity in Eastern Europe and in some parts of Asia, where consumers and businesses seeking opportunity abroad confront more risks. Professional private investigators and background check companies offer services to minimize that risk.

When the global economy improves, many industry observers expect the level of fraud and scams to somewhat decline, while companies should see a rise in pre-employment screening and international due diligence cases for international investment and global business. If the forecasts are accurate, international private investigators may stay in high demand for some time.

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