March 9, 2010

Choosing an International Private Investigator

The market for international private investigators remains very limited. Some websites and companies do claim to offer both international private investigations and international background checks, although their services hardly qualify as an actual investigation. There are some companies which offer record searches in multiple countries for civil, marriage and criminal history, but the options for real professional international private investigation is truly quite limited. The truth is, records in most developing nations are not yet archived on computerized systems, which makes searching databases of little value.

There are some ways to sort through the mess of determining who offers real investigations and who does not. When shopping for an international private investigator or investigation company, it's important to know if the company has field investigators in country where you need the records searched or investigation conducted. A local field investigator means the company is able to speak the local language, and likely is capable of obtaining the evidence or information you require. This also means the private investigator can view the subject of the investigation, which can mean valuable evidence such as photographs and testimony from informants. Such are the fruits of real investigation.

One company that has established a reputation as a leader in the international private investigation industry is U.S. based Wymoo® International. As many companies have focused less on client service and more on generic database searches, Wymoo® has focused on hiring the best field investigators in over 100 countries. The firm assigns a professional investigator for each case, and also utilizes national and international databases. The firm's gain in market share indicates clients are taking notice.

Before choosing an international private investigator or international background check company for an investigation, ask the website or company if they have field investigators in the country where you need the evidence. If they do not, you should ask how they can acquire the evidence you are seeking. Even today, competent investigators are hard to replace.

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S. Birch
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