August 10, 2010

Private Investigators See Increase in Background Checks

Kuala Lumpur based private investigators have reported a sharp increase in scam and fraud cases compared to 2009 levels. Romance scams, business fraud and internet scams have fueled a signficant increase in the demand for Malaysia background checks in Kuala Lumpur. Industry observers and private investigators alike cite the global recession and faltering Malaysia economy as reasons for the rise in scam and fraud cases from Malaysia.

With approximately 7.5 million people in the Kuala Lumpur area, law enforcement has struggled to keep tabs on this new form of crime. Local police have been overwhelmed by requests (mostly from foreigners) to investigate internet crime and internet based fraud from Malaysia. Scams are ranging from complex investment and business contract scams to the typical dating or relationship fraud. Some government officials are concerned Malaysia could eventually struggle with a level of fraud comparable to the Philippines, which has suffered from a renowned poor image.

Although the underlying causes and future is uncertain, one thing is clear. Scams and internet fraud have more than doubled compared to 2009 and thus far Kuala Lumpur law enforcement see no easy solution in sight. Criminals are finding the internet as an attractive opportunity to find victims, and get away with theft. Victims often send money via Western Union or Money Gram, and because money transfers can be picked up with fake identification, criminal investigations can be complicated. Malaysia private investigators advise consumers to get a professional backround check or due diligence to avoid the increasing risk of fraud.

Investment and business opportunities are still found in Malaysia, despite the recession. Beautiful brides and rewarding personal relationships are also still plenty here. However, due to the growing number of internet fraud and dating scam cases, investigators say it's better to be safe than sorry, and to think of the background check as a wise insurance policy.

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