September 6, 2010

Do Global Background Checks Really Exist?

Global background checks offered by companies on the internet are normally a scam. There are a few firms that actually offer sufficient international services to qualify, but 90% of the companies or websites claiming to offer global background checks are a fraud. That's right, the majority of the companies don't even offer a true domestic investigation, let alone a global one. Most websites claiming to offer background checks actually just search databases for criminal records. This is not an investigation, it is not a true background check, and it is a reckless way of dealing with risk. A real background check is a professional investigation. An international background check requires professional field investigators in foreign countries. And a global background check requires a global company, or a real organization with a significant number of field investigators in foreign countries to investigate at an international level.

A real background check is a prudent investigation conducted by professional investigators; it is a verification and investigation process which includes searching criminal records and many other factors. It's important to know that criminal records cannot be checked via a database for most international cases. Foreign investigations require international investigators or field investigators in the countries where you need them. If you require a background check on a person or company with significant operations or history in one or more foreign countries, a real global or international background check would be required to gather the evidence.

True professional background checks and private investigations don't exist for $39.99. Real background checks are investigations which cover many factors, including education and employment history, criminal and civil records, ID and passport verification, document verification, informant testimony, travel records, etc. It is not imposible to conduct an international or global background check with no offices or field investigators, or agents in the countries where you need the evidence. There is no magical global database, not even for the CIA. The fact is the majority of the world is still developing, and vast regions in South America, Africa and Asia are still filing records the old fashioned way. If there is no field investigator on the ground who speaks the local language with the appropriate contacts with police, government and other offices, the job won't get done.

Always ask where the company offices and investigators are located. To conduct an international or global background check, an international private investigator, or a company with offices or investigators in several countries is required. You can't conduct a Malaysia background or Benin background check without investigators in Malaysia or Benin, plain and simple. Ask or check the company website to make sure the field investigators or field offices exist, and they are where you need them. Searching databases simply isn't an option for international cases.

Fraud and scams are on the rise, so it's more important than ever to know who you're dealing with, and minimze your risk.

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S. Birch
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