October 22, 2010

Russian Scam Cases Involving Russian Brides Rising

Moscow private investigators recently reported that background checks involving pre-marital checks and dating scams are significantly higher than 2009 levels. The rise in investigation services, according to industry observers, has been led by the rise in online dating, a rise in online match-making sites, and specifically the growth in Russia marriage websites. The number of people meeting Russians online is up, and so are the scams.

It's now well known that marriage and dating scams in Russia are a real risk. But, scammers are now using sophisticated techniques that can fool even the most skeptical. Dating agencies and Russian bride websites in Russia have no way of screening all the women, and some websites based in Russia are even scams themselves, or at least they knowingly allow the scammers to use their site. Russia background checks are increasingly being used as a way to minimize the risk from fraud and scams. Professional private investigators in the Ukraine and Russia say those contracting a reputable investigator are making a wise decision due to the high risk in the region. Private investigators advise a background check early in the relationship, rather than when it's too late.

Russia private investigators are now battling fraud and scams throughout Russia and the Ukaine. For the typical pre-marital check or background investigation, private investigators can verify key factors and evidence to determine if the subject is who he or she claims to be. Key points to verify include address, ID or passport, documentation, employment and education, travel or dating agencies, and other factors depending on the available case data. Consumers should be very selective when choosing a Russia based investigator, as there are limited professional options.

Russia private detectives advise consumers to be skeptical of money requests, emergencies, relationships that seem too good to be true, and subjects who fall in love overnight. Beware of subjects who provide copies of expired documents, such as driver's licenses and passports and visa. Expired documents are often sold, stolen or bought in Russia to use in scams, and it's very common for scammers to present a copy of an expired ID to gain the victim's trust. Problems with immigration, passport, visas or agencies should be checked. The fact is, due to the high risk for scams, not having a background check can be costly.

As Russian women continue to seek romantic relationships and opportunity outside of Russia via the internet and marriage agencies, private investigators stress that fraud and scam levels will remain high, and a background check is advised.

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