October 29, 2010

Philippines Ranks #1 for Romance Scams and Fraud

Philippines private investigators report that Philippines based romance scams and online dating scams are more common than in any other country for 2010, although Russia is a close second for romance scams and fraud. Private investigators say the situation should only get worse until the Philippines economy improves, or the Philippines government decides to address the problem.

The Philippines is well known for its exportation of brides and romance scams. Internally, the Philippines suffers from serious widespread corruption and a faltering economy. Residents have to do what they can to earn a living, and unfortunatley, women often turn to the internet, where foreign romances and dollars or euros, or even a new and better life, are often the incentive.

U.S. based Philippine PI reports that requests for background checks involving online dating and possible romance scams are up over 30% this year, compared to 2009. Most investigators agree that the scam and fraud levels are at all-time high levels, and something should be done to improve the country's image. So far, there has been little action from Philippines law enforcement agencies, and politicians are reluctant to acknowledge the issue.

In the meantime, Philippines private investigators advise consumers to use extra caution when involved in online dating, and understand that the Philippines is a very high risk nation for fraud and scams. Investigators say consumers should be skeptical of all financial requests, situations that seem to good to be true, sudden emergencies or illness, and requests for help with visas and passports. Online dating scams are the highest risk, but investigators say that even when meeting a Filipina in person, there is still a high degree of risk for romance scams.

Detectives advise consumers and businesses to contact a competent Philippines private detective for help with background checks, private investigation, pre-employment and due diligence, online dating verification, and premarital checks, and to think of the service as a form of insurance to minimize the risk.

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