April 15, 2011

As international economy falls off a cliff, and the internet is the main source of contact and communication, romance scams from Southeast Asia are increasing. Many scams leave their victims in total moral and economic ruin. Philippines Private investigators advise consumers to proceed with caution when dating online as the risk for fraud and scams is greater than ever. A Philippines Background check is an effective way to lower the risk.

Philippines scammers usually target men from developed countries, mostly from Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. Many of these scammers appeal to the victim’s desire to find love and live happily ever after, but that promise is rarely fulfilled. It does and can happen, but all to often there is deception involved in online dating and online Philippine match-making services. Many victims have lost their life savings, lost their family and marriage, and ended in total ruin. The risk is real indeed.

Experts suggest before proceeding in a relationship it is wise to conduct a background check on your sweetheart or partner or even friend. In the Philippines, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you already have met the person, surveillance and local investigation is sometimes needed to gather additoinal evidence to be sure there is no element of fraud. Philippines background checks may consist of criminal, commercial, and financial records, assets, employment screening, education verification, address check, character references, marriage and birth records, voter’s registration, fraud screening, documentation verification, travel profile, passport and visa verification, and much more. A true background check should be carried out by a profesional investigator in the Philippines, not one of the many local Filipinos with no formal education or military or law enforcement training.

Surveillance can be used as a supplement to a background check, if the subject of investigation is first verified with a real identity and address. This involves the monitoring of activities and behavior to uncover the truth about a person, checking for local relationships and getting discreet testimony from local residents, etc. It is a high level investigation and usually entails a two man team on the ground. Services include detailed reports with hourly activity and time-date stamp photographs. Visiting different locations and conducting in depth investigation is often necessary to compile as much information as possible to determine the true carácter of the subject, and whether or not he or she is faithful, and who he or she claims to be. Surveillance can reveal a person’s living situation, habits, nightlife, relationships, etc.

Keep in mind that corruption and a weak economy have made the Philippines a high risk country where fraud, corruption and scams is part of daily life. Be skeptical of any financial request, sudden emergencies or illness, requests for help with visas and passports or even plane tickets, and also remember that meeting your online partner in person is no guarantee of a risk free situation. Contact a Philippines prívate detective for expert advice on your unique situation, and whether or not a background check or surveillance is right for you. A professional can advise you on what to expect.

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