June 29, 2011

It is difficult to understand how Malaysia, one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia, can be one of the riskiest countries when talking about internet fraud and scams. But it seems that easy access to technology and global markets combined with poverty is a key factor in making this country a high risk nation for different types of fraud. Commerce and investment in Malaysia rising. International trade plays a large role in this economy and manufacturing keeps the exports busy. It is, as well, the world’s largest Islamic banking and financial center.  Malaysia private investigators say legal business and illegal business is growing.

Malaysia private investigators advise investors from all over the world to be prudent and check their prospects thoroughly. If individuals are involved in a long distance relationship, or if a business contact was found via the internet, it’s a wise decision to consider a background check before taking the relationship to the next level, whether it’s business or personal.  Investigators in Kuala Lumpur say demand is growing for investigation services.  Online dating scams can steal your money and leave you morally devastated. An international background check can protect you and your finances from criminals who seek out their victims via the internet.   To make sure the person on the other side of the computer is who he or she claims to be, trained detectives can check local databases, verify address, resume, employment, education, civil and criminal records, verify passport or ID, check travel and immigration records, and much more.  Such services are considered to be a form of insurance to protect you from fraud, and Kuala Lumpur based law enforcement and detectives say the risk for such crime is growing, and due diligence and background checks to minimize the risk is essential.  Verifying relationships in Malaysia can save you time, money and heartache. For businesses, verifying a potential supplier or investor is, in some cases, the only thing between profit and bankruptcy.  Investigators say they have seen innocent people losing everything, from marriages, jobs to even their life savings all for nothing.  Companies have gone bankrupt, people have been ruined.

If on the other hand, you are a business person interested to expand into the fast growing markets of Asia, Malaysia is a great place to invest.  Experts say just exercise the due diligence and verify companies and business contacts.  You have to make sure you are not dealing with one of those organized crime cells. International due diligence is advised, especially for internet relationships involving investment or romance.  It’s a wise move to lower the risk level of fraud and learn important information about your new business person or company you are interested in partnering with.   Proper due diligence conducted by a professional firm can reveal litigation, bankruptcy, credit issues, unknown business associations and operations, and much more.  It pays to do your homework, and have a local a professional on your side.

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