June 29, 2011

Moscow based private investigators and law enforcement agencies like Interpol report that Russia scams and internet criminals remain in operation despite more informed consumers, and increased efforts by Russia police agencies to shut the criminals down.  Embassies of the United States, Australia and Canada in Moscow have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of crimes and scams involving online dating and social networking sites.  Experts say the bad economy is driving more people into the lucrative and criminal business of romance scams, and Russia happens to be one of the best in the business.

Russian private investigators are struggling to keep up with the demand from Western clients who want to verify their online partner or friend or fiancĂ©.   Sadly, say investigators, many clients come to them asking for help after it’s too late, and the client has already been a victim of fraud.  What Embassies and law enforcement agencies and reputable private investigation firms are trying to emphasize is this:  Romance scams are on the rise, and relationships via the internet are especially susceptible to scams and fraud.  In other words, if you’re starting a relationship from an online dating or match making site or social network, be safe and verify first.  “The reported rise in romance scams is too great to ignore,” said a representative from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow who took our call about the risks for online dating.  “Online dating scams can happen anywhere, and be run by criminals from any country.  With that said, Russia is one of the highest risk countries.”  If your partner is in Russia, investigators strongly recommend a background check.

Russia background checks and verification services conducted by a reputable private investigation firm with operations in Moscow or St. Petersburg can be highly effective.  Just as importantly, consumers and subscribers to online dating sites and social networking sites are becoming more aware of the risk, and internet users are becoming more skeptical.  Although it’s bad for Russia to have a bad reputation, it’s been key to preventing victims of fraud, as consumers are often skeptical of Russian businesses and individuals, and therefore tend to contact a private investigation or background check firm when needed.  Now, the bad news…  Experts say Russian scammers are targeting victims who may never know that they are in Russia.  Bank accounts and shell companies can be set up in the United States or China or the U.K. and criminal accomplices can be in New York, Malaysia or London or Madrid.  This means that you can be a victim of a Russian scammer, without ever knowing or suspecting anything to do with Russia.

International private investigators and the Metropolitan Police Service in London agree:  Russia remains a threat to be reckoned with.  Online dating scams are the specialty, where they tempt Western men with hopes of finding love with a beautiful Russian bride.  With Russia, it pays to be skeptical.

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