November 18, 2011

 The leading nations have recently gather at the G20 conference held in Cannes, France, in Europe, and the main subject was to decide the action necessary to save the Greek economy. Meanwhile, four other red flags emerged: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. If the U.S. has demonstrated anything by it’s socialist government bailouts with companies like GM (previously General Motors and now referred to as Government Motors) is that government bailouts don’t work, are a poor use of tax payer money, and keep inefficient companies alive, when market forces should be left to operate, and put bad companies in their grave where they belong, But, government leaders, like Barrack Hussein Obama, don’t always understand good economics, mainly because their pockets are often lined with large political donations from supporter. Corruption runs deep. In these recent talks, the G20 failed to even mention Eastern Europe, and the Ukraine was not even mentioned.

The Ukraine, a former republic of the Soviet Union, is often overlooked in international discussion. From a private investigation firm’s standpoint, however, the Ukraine is a key topic for discussion. It is often the origin country for employment scams that are impacting people as far away as the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Ranging from fake job postings, to fake business proposals and investment opportunities, employment scams and fraud is booming in the Ukraine, as people around the world are looking for opportunities. Criminals in the Ukraine are cashing in on this fact.

Ukraine private investigator services and well known firms such as Russia PI™ say it’s essential to verify job opportunities on the internet. If the company is from the Ukraine or the job is related to the Ukraine, the risk is very high and should be verified. Job seekers and business managers should be aware, however, that many Ukraine employment scams never even mention the Ukraine. The posting can be on or another well known website, or even may involve someone speaking to the manager directly, claiming there is an opportunity in Eastern Europe, etc. But, criminals often try to gather inside information about a company this way, obtain sensitive information, or request an advance fee from the employer, company or job seeker.

Russia detectives say the problem is also widespread in Moscow and St. Pestersburg, and criminal groups often have ties to criminal operations in Kiev, Ukraine. When consumers are desperately searching for employment online, whether in Australia, the U.S., U.K. or Canada, the last thing they expect is to find the perfect job offer, and to get hired. Little do they know is that their application, containing all of their sensitive and private information, is actually being sent to a fake company in the Ukraine to steal their identity. And, to make matters worse, there may be an application fee or charge to run a “credit check” or “background check”. The damage done can be devastating for those who are unemployment, and running out of hope in finding the right job opportunity.

Young people who have recently graduated but can’t get a job face an increased risk. Desperation can lead those to cross their fingers, rather than verify. Experts say to be safe, all international job offers, or any unknown companies offering employment, should be verified by an experienced and reputable international private investigator. Wymoo® International has reported a sharp increase in employment scams and fraudulent employment offers around the world, and investigators say job seekers should do some due diligence and research, and when in doubt, contact a professional for advice regarding verification. The alternative can be a costly learning experience.

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