February 9, 2012

With the arrival of the internet as a massive form of communication, criminals and fraudsters found a new way to defraud victims in the global market, and the Philippines has become one of the most popular countries to perform almost perfect crimes over the internet, and even the FBI, Interpol and the Metropolitan police have come together to educate internet users and possible victims in countries like the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia.  Victims from the Philippines scams are indeed worldwide, and the country has quickly made a bad name for itself as a result.  To lower your risk, many companies and individuals are now hiring a Philippines investigator.

There are a lot of individual private investigators in the island nation offering their services. Some of them are local individuals with zero experience, others are highly trained professionals, others are actually criminals eager to steal your money.  How to know the difference?  Good question.

Philippine PI™, widely recognized as an industry leader, offers the following tips when shopping for a private investigator.  The company is well aware of the need in hiring only qualified investigators with a proven track record in military or federal law enforcement, as locals without the proper traning and resources and management can spell disaster for clients.  Confidentiality and discreetness is essential in this business, so it’s key to have a trained professional who is ready to help.

Investigators need not only to have the proper training, but they must be backed by a firm with resources and technology to conduct the investigation, so investigators have the proper tools they need to get the job done.  Surveillance equipment, vehicles and skilled labor and investigations cost money, so expect to pay a fair price for a professional service in the Philippines.

1.     Look for websites that are verified by trust seals such as the BBB, Truste and McAfee.
2.     Be very skeptical of low budget websites that appear to be unprofessional.
3.     Ask investigators where they were trained, and what experience they have.
4.     Ask for references and search Google for information on the investigation company.
5.     Search Google for ‘Philippines Investigator’ to see who is ranking #1 and #2.
6.     Look for investigators who respond to emails and phone calls promptly.
7.     Be skeptical of local “companies” and look for an international PI firm.

Philippines private detectives can be a great way to minimize your risk and avoid scams and fraud in the Philippines and in Asia in general.  Shopping on price alone, however, can be a major mistake.  Unskilled labor in the Philippines is cheap, but hiring a professional costs money.  Many clients find that they get what they pay for, and it’s worth paying to have the job done right the first time.  Expect to a pay a realistic price for a professional service, and the results will show.

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S. Birch
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