February 9, 2012

Governments of the world underestimate the power that internet and few though the internet would reach such a powerful source of information and dissemination of content over the years. Social networks have played a fundamental role in the way news spreads. Politician these days are realizing that the power of the internet and social networks is real, and hard to keep quiet.  They too must join the online propaganda machine.  Social network users publish news instantly, and the world views their comments.  This has major repercussions for a political campaign, natural disasters and other events.  But, social network sites like Facebook might be using your information in ways that you’re not aware of.  It’s not your private space, after all, it’s a business.

Last week we had a sample on how easy it is for the masses to be impacted by privacy policies of Google and Facebook, where there are over 1 billion users who have little choice or say how their private information is being used.  Big Brother is watching, and your private information that you publish, and how you surf the internet is being monitored.  You are being sold down the river.  With privacy gone, and by watching your every step, Facebook can make money from you. 

Most users are simply unaware of how their private information is being monitored, used and sold by social networking sites and search engines like Facebook and Google.  They hope that users don’t have time or understand the specifics of their privacy policies.  Facebook and Google are now worth over 1 billion dollars each.  Do you know why?  Because they are selling your data.

Facebook and Google selfishly violate your privacy right by sharing your data to sponsors and advertisers monetizing the companies involved. Social networks jeopardize the physical and moral autonomy of their users every day.  While you think you may just be posting some information to your friends or family, social networks are watching and selling the information to companies who might want to sell their products to you.  Worse, criminals watch what you post and hope you post private information such as your address, date of birth, and when you are taking a vacation.

International investigators say that your posts and information is valuable information to such companies who are finding new ways to profit from you daily.  Posting your information online, anywhere, and specifically on social networking sites such as Facebook, and directly or indirectly lead to identity theft and other crimes.  At the very least, you will see an increase in spam and other junk mail at your home.  Your name and number and email are being sold in exchange for your “sharing” online with your “friends”.  Experts say be carefully about what you post.  Never share personal information online that could be used by criminals.  Remember that no website is 100% safe and private.  If you want to tell your friends something person, use your email.

Personal information is anything that can identify a person: name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, financial records, medical history, where you go, travel, intention to acquire goods, which services you like. Facebook and criminals actively use your information to profit from you.  The more “friends” you have, the more at risk you are.  Like that?
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S. Birch
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