July 24, 2012

Asset searches provide clients with evidence of assets in the form of property, bank accounts, boats, real estate and other indications of wealth, such as employment, company ownership or shares held, etc. Clients request international asset searches to identify assets and wealth on individuals and companies to verify cash flow, verify if a person or entity has significant funds as claimed, or to determine if a potential lawsuit makes sense (if the defendant can pay). Laws and obstacles vary in each country, but despite the challenges, private investigators can and do conduct successful asset search services on a daily basis for clients around the world.

Locating bank accounts and conducting asset searches can help clients, such as individuals, law firms and businesses; make more informed and accurate decisions.

Investigators often recommend bank account or asset searches as part of a comprehensive due diligence on a business person or company. After all, by following the money trail, most questions do eventually get answered, so obtaining information on bank accounts can often be key evidence for clients. For businesses, it can show financial strength and revenue volume.

International due diligence is becoming more common for business managers around the world, as it is seen as the safest way to verify companies and individuals abroad. When engaging in a business in a foreign country, there are many unknowns, and often language and cultural barriers can be significant. How can you be sure the company in India, Philippines, South Africa or China or Brazil truly had the level of sales and assets that it claims to have? And how can you be sure the factory or facilities actually exist? What about the company’s reputation? Are the managers respected and are they truly the owners? What is the company’s reputation? What kind of assets and liabilities are there? Does the company or management have any history of fraud, litigation or criminal charges? These are the questions often answered in due diligence.

In the past year, private investigators have seen international due diligence and asset search records requests rising from companies based in the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia. Companies and investors from these developed nations want to invest abroad, where there is often opportunity. However, with more potential return comes more unknowns and risk.

Private investigation companies routinely conduct due diligence and asset searches in many countries such as China, India, Russia, Brazil, and the UAE, for example, so that clients can more informed business decision, and uncover any evidence of fraud before engaging in the business relationship. Experts say it’s wise to consider due diligence as a form of insurance, and with the risking risk for fraud and scams around the world, it’s good to be covered.

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