August 1, 2012

The Philippines among the leading nations for internet fraud, romance and dating scams, and infidelity.  As a result, surveillance services are in high demand in the country.  Clients from developed nations such as Australia, United States, Canada and the U.K. frequently seek out a qualified professional investigator to conduct Philippines surveillance.

Surveillance originates from French, meaning to “watch over” and is an activity in which close observation of a person or institution takes place in order to obtain evidence of a particular situation.  Often video and time-date stamp photographs are provided to clients as part of the investigation findings.  Surveillance is also often included with background checks and local investigations, and can offer more detail and evidence for clients on the subject’s living situation, relationships, character, family background, neighbors and boyfriends, etc.  Discreet surveillance and local investigation where there is a team on the ground can provided valuable proof in legal trials of divorce, business matters, child custody or even adultery, romance scams and more.

When evidence of the behavior of a partner or contact is suspected to be inappropriate, involved in illicit activities like prostitution, drug dealing or child abuse, the action to observe, take photographs and send detailed reports can provide substantial evidence for decision making.

Investigators who conduct surveillance have to be professionally trained in intelligence and elicitation methods to use while conducting observation. They should also be gifted with intuition, creativity and imagination to come up with convincing cover stories to avoid any serious compromise of the investigation.  Surveillance conducted by an untrained investigator without proper equipment or training can go dangerously wrong, and puts a relationship at risk.  Field investigators conducting surveillance should also have connections with police, military and other government agencies to be able to call upon them for support when needed.

Surveillance is most often conducted for infidelity cases, in which one of the persons involved suspects they are being cheated.  In the Philippines, it is very common to have foreign relationships for financial gain and locals tend to have a local relationship at the same time, or may even be married or have multiple relationships with foreigners for money.  Moreover, when the relationship has started online it is essential that a background check be conducted, and surveillance be used before any money is sent to the Philippines.  The risk for scams is very, very high.

Philippine surveillance is a sensitive matter and should be handled carefully and professionally. Contact a professional firm and be sure to check for references on Google and be sure you’re choosing a reputable company.  Trust those who are verified by the Better Business Bureau, Truste, McAfee or similar organizations.  Make sure they operate in big cities like Manila, Davao, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro and Makati and be sure all services are confidential.

Contact a reliable Philippines private investigator for additional support.  Because of the high risk for fraud and scams, all business and personal relationships should be verified.

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