August 8, 2012

Britain is in a rush of euphoria and sense of togetherness because of the Olympic Games. The city of London is glittery and shiny and people are happy.  All have left their problems for a while. Along with the U.K., the whole world is enjoying the ancient tradition of peaceful sports competition brought by the Greeks long ago. In the meantime, internet fraudsters take advantage of the situation and are targeting potential victims via websites, email and fake websites.

The U.K. is one of the most targeted countries for internet scams and fraud in the world.  Illegal aliens from developing nations in West Africa and Eastern Europe work within UK borders, and even unemployed British citizens with computer skills have joined in on the crime.  There is money to be made, and victims to be had.  The Queen’s country is now a moderate risk nation for scams. And while government and law enforcement authorities still debate how to strengthen internet security, dating websites, social networks and regular email is targeted with new and hard to detect scam techniques.  British citizens need to be more skeptical than ever.

John Wallace, UK private investigator based in London and a specialist in international background checks, never takes a break to warn people about the risks of dating online and online networking, whether it’s for business or personal reasons.  The fact is, it is so easy to misrepresent yourself or company over the internet, that many people do, and criminals take advantage of this fact.  Even the most skeptical and cautious can be fooled.   Background checks are advised.

Internet criminals are predators of people who join online dating websites, social networks, or who are on the internet seeking out new business relationships and investments.  The criminals portray themselves as exactly what the person is looking for, only to gain your trust and steal your money.  Verifying online relationships is becoming a very difficult process, and in most cases, only a private investigator with professional training and resources can determine if the person is who he or she claims to be.  Investigators in London and elsewhere in the UK are growing their UK background check business in response to increased requests for assistance in the matter.

The internet allows easy access to sharing of documents, photos and other personal data.  Sharing is not always a good thing, and criminals use whatever information they can get on you to their advantage.  With as little as your full name, date of birth and address, an experienced criminal may be able to steal your identity.  Or, other tech savvy crooks who you are communicating with may send you a photo or email attachment containing a virus that steals your internet passwords, so criminals can access your bank account.  Identify theft and romance scams can be devastating, so it’s important to understand the risk, be skeptical, and get a background check.

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S. Birch
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