April 11, 2013

Asset and bank records search is topic and tool of sensitive nature, and a service that is widely unknown by most individuals and companies.  When conducted properly, these assets searches provide very valuable information pertaining to the assets of an individual or company, and this information can be essential for decision makers, lawyers and managers.

As in most countries including the U.S. there are privacy laws in place that falsely make the people believe that their information cannot be accessed, and your information is prohibited from outside view.  The truth is, as many credit and government agencies and private investigators know, is that your information is out there and accessible for those with knowledge or access to the doors or data centers where the information is being kept.  In other words, with prudent, trained and professional investigators can conduct accurate international asset searches that include bank records or bank information.  Skeptics say official bank records cannot be obtained without a court order, but most clients don’t need “official” bank records, but they are rather seeking the information.

Legal and private investigation firms are on top of the list to conduct international asset search, but be sure to ask a lot of questions and ask for references to be sure you’re dealing with a trained professional with a proven track record.  Expert private investigators say one great way to test the capabilities of a private investigator and asset search service is to request a bank records search on  yourself.  If the investigator can report to you all your bank accounts and last reported balances, you know you’re dealing with a professional with financial contacts and resources.

Most law firms have a reliable private investigator to conduct asset searches, so if you can’t find a reliable company or investigator, you might try asking your attorney or other law firms who they recommend.  Wymoo® International is probably the most widely known investigation firm that conducts international asset searches, and many of the large law firms rely on such companies to obtain records on assets and bank accounts as part of their legal cases and court preparation.  Divorce cases, mergers, potential partners and buyouts, and endless situations call for a need to know if a subject, company or individual has assets, and there’s no doubt that obtaining this information is essential in decision making.  Each country has different privacy laws, different bank regulations, and different credit agency and government reporting.  It is critical to hire a firm with investigators on the ground in the countries where you need to conduct the search.  A New York local investigator won’t be able to search in Hong Kong without hiring a third party.  Ask your company if they have investigators on the ground where you need them.

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