April 30, 2013

Asset searches are a fundamental part in legal processes where investigators or attorneys or even spouses seek to uncover evidence on the assets of a company or individual.  In many cases, such assets or funds can even be held or hidden internationally.  Uncovering the evidence of such accounts can help attorneys and clients determine if it’s worthwhile proceeding with legal action on a subject.  If the person has no money, why sue?  If you’re going to do business with someone claiming to have the ability to pay thousands of dollars each month, shouldn’t you verify his or her assets?  Planning a purchase or sale to a foreign company and need to verify their accounts?  Asset searches and bank account searches are excellent tools to keep clients informed.

Each country is unique in its legal framework, bank privacy laws and access to information and databases.  Furthermore, each private investigation and law firm who claims to offer such services typically has different contacts, different levels of access, and different success or accuracy rates.  John Wallace of Wymoo® International says, “a great way to test a company on asset searches and bank records is to run a search on yourself, or a company or individual who you already know has specific accounts at specific banks.”  Wallace explains this may involve some additional expense but is a great way to test for accuracy and reveal the investigator’s ability.
There are international investigators  that can help conducting asset searches without court orders that are for information purposes only. Results often show the account names, account types, last reported balances, branch location, and other details.  Although they are unofficial records (not produced on a physical bank statement), attorneys and clients get the information they need, and if physical statements are requires, the attorney can always use the information to issue a court order on the bank or banks where the assets were found.  In addition, many individuals or small companies will admit to the said accounts when confronted with the information.

International asset search services are most accurate when searching bank accounts.  Property records are often recorded at the local or state level, so often investigators will request the specific area where the physical assets and property is to be searched.  Furthermore, investigators advise that all leads to the money trail, so bank records are still considered the best asset search service available for determine the financial status and bank accounts on a given subject.

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