February 3, 2009

Rising Demand and Options for Consumers

Online dating has increased significantly in recent years. More people are meeting via the internet than ever before. It's not uncommon for marriage to be found on the internet, and increasingly, this new form of match-making involves an international relationship. Scams are also on the rise around the world. Often times professional scammers and criminals will target or select their victims on internet dating sites.

The number of reported scam or fraud cases in 2008 nearly doubled the number from 2007. In other cases, the subject may simply misrepsent him or herself by using a false background and profile, including photographs. This surge in scams has fueled a rising demand for international background checks. Consumers are well advised to consider a confidential background check service on any potential relationship which is begun on the internet, especially if the romance involves someone overseas. Experts consider the service a wise insurance policy.

Among the many websites offering international background checks, few are legitimate. Sites that offer "background checks" to run automated searches of databases for $39.99 or $59.99, obviously don't qualify as a real investigation. Consumers should expect to pay between $350 and $600 for a professional investigator such as Wymoo® to verify a background.

While international private investigators aren't always cheap, consumers should consider the risks and potential costs of not getting a background check. Many romance victims in 2008 lost their entire savings, had their identity stolen, and had to live through the agonizing ordeal of falling in love with someone who simply did not exist. The risks are real and rising.

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