March 3, 2009

A Consumer Guide to Selecting an Investigator

Russia remains a nation with high levels of fraud and corruption, despite recent efforts to increase transparency. It pays to know the right people, especially in Russia. The Russia economy is in serious trouble and the country is experiencing a sharp rise in fraud. One industry that is booming is private investigation.

Russia private investigators in Moscow and St. Petersburg report sharp increases in business from foreign clients. Investigations often focus on foriegn brides, internet dating relationships, girlfriends in Russia, foriegn business partners and investors. The fact is, with fraud at such high levels, obtaining a background check or due diligence investigation is a very wise decision. Proceeding in a relationship without one can be more costly.

There many reports of so-called investigators scamming clients. We recommend choosing an international company that has operations or field investigators in Russia, but is based in Europe or the U.S. This ensures the company focuses on client service and operates according to Western standards, but also has a man on the ground in the local market. Once such company is Wymoo International which as field offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. A professional investigator should have a professional website, provide you with a contact phone number, a home office address, and a reference from a former client upon request.

Despite the fraud, there are opportunities in Russia, both for business and personal relationships. Beautiful brides and profitable business ventures do exist, but a professional background check is a wise decision for consumers.

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