October 28, 2009

Nigeria Background Checks Preventing Fraud

Nigeria scams and fraud cases continue to impact individuals and businesses around the world. Scam techniques used are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it no longer takes a fool to be a victim. Lagos is a bustling metropolis with a population estimated at 10 million. International business and foreign relationships are booming here, so the need for due diligence and discreet Nigeria background checks has never been greater.

U.S. based Wymoo International is one firm with operations and field investigators in the region. Wymoo® currently has professional investigators in West Africa, including Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana. In addition to screening businesses and employment candidates in Nigeria's oil and gas industry, the company also verifies personal and individual relationships.

The risk for fraud and scams in the region remains very high. However, as many industry observers point out, so does the opportunity. The oil and gas investment in this oil rich nation is major, and there is no shortage of foreign investment in Lagos, the nation's capital. Many firms are experiencing a high level of growth, and the global economic recovery should offer serious opportunity here for those who are able to screen the risks.

Whether you're in need of a due diligence investigation to verify a business or individual, or if you require a confidential background check or Nigeria private investigator to verify a relationship, finding a professional investigator is no easy task. Many local investigators in West Africa lack the experience necessary to conduct a real investigation. Consumers should go with a firm based in the U.S. or Europe with field investigators in Nigeria.

Are all people in Nigeria criminals? Of course not. Are all business opportunities here a scam? Not at all. Is the risk of scam and fraud truly that great here? Absolutely. Whether it's business or personal, consumers should get a background check to verify all West Africa relationships. It's the only way to go.

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